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We make Filling & Packaging Machines for Food Industry

  • Healthy Healthy
  • Innovative Innovative
  • Technological Technological

We make Filling & Packaging Machines for Food Industry

  • Healthy Healthy
  • Successfull Successfull
  • Technological Technological

Who we are?

Ergin machine has twenty years’ experience in food, quality, automation and software which has been established in the food sector for Research, Efficiency and Solution Production. It was not long to discover that supported to knowledge by scientific perspectives, would be the solution to the real needs of the sector. The company that established in 2007 by Hüseyin Ergin has started business life as Ergin Automation. read more

What we do?

With our flexible production capacity and high technology, we produce customized solutions for your needs.

Filling and Packaging Machine Production

We do filling and packaging machine for dairy ( Yoghurt, yoghurt with fruit, drinkable yoghurt, kefir, dessert, labneh, cream cheese, butter, ice cream ) oil, ketchup, mayonaisse, honey, jam, margarine.

End of Line Solutions

Reaching healthy food is basic needs and the right of every person. Producer firms are also  making production with this awareness of responsibility.  fish processing technology; vegetable and fruit technology; delicatessen and convenience food technology; dairy technology; ice-cream technology; beverage technology; coffee, tea, tobacco technology.

Machine Software

Ergin has its own automation engineers who are dedicated to develop Ergin’s special software program which is Integrated Universally all customers around the World.

Special Solutions

Ergin Makine has nearly 20 years of experience by designing "Tailor Made" solutions according to customers demands.

How we do?

Starting from the planning of the product our customer wants; design, manufacturing, software, mounting, installation & comissioning are made by us. We also provide spare parts, maintenance and technical support services 24/7.

Research & Development

Ergin is approved R&D center by the Turkish Ministry of Industry and Technology since 2018. Thanks to our R&D Center we have developped many patents in filling and packaging technology.

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